The 2013 Barbecue Season Is Here!!

Stop by and see our new line of Saber Grills!!  Infrared Grilling is the latest Barbequing Craze among homeowners, chefs and cooks.  Not only is it energy efficient and much cleaner, it takes less time for cooking than other grilling alternatives.

While other grills use hot air directly or indirectly to cook food, infrared grills use infrared radiation to heat and and cook the food directly.  The benefits of infrared grilling are as follows:

– There is a uniform heating surface.

– It takes less time for ignition.

– They are energy efficient due to lower ignition time and faster cooking.

– They produce tasty and juicy food since the fast cooking time helps to retain the nutrients and moisture of the food items.

– No flare-ups!!

– 304 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Burners, Emitters and Grates.

– High fuel efficiency and reduced gas usage.

Stop in today and check out this amazing New Grill by Saber!!


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